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What is a premade?

A premade is a book cover made before the story. I make the art. Then you can buy it and use it for your cover. Unlike with my customs projects there’s no intense revision process or long discovery period. You simply find a cover you love, buy it, tell me the title, and you’re ready to publish. Also note, these aren’t templates. Each cover is sold only once.

If I buy a single premade, can I make it into a series?

Totally, continuations of premades are done at my standard custom rates, $199 per cover. I usually book a month or two in advance so keep that in mind when you order. Also, for basic premades you may be able to use the typography option, which is $127 a cover. There you pick the image and I add type to it, in keeping with the branding already established.

Note: The typography option is not applicable to all covers. You’ll need to ask when you purchase which option applies.

For more on my custom policies and portfolio see my website.

Can I buy a premade early? 

All premades will be released on April 27th on this page. Purchasing them will involve a process much like any online store — you’ll put the cover in the shopping cart, pay via credit card and/or Pay Pal, and then you’ll own the cover. Other than showcasing the covers, facebook will not be involved in any way in this transaction.   Many people are interested in these premades so I want to give everyone a chance to get the cover of their dreams. If I posted them as I made them, it’s likely only people in a certain time zone or those who have cash on hand would be able to purchase. This way everyone gets chance. However some covers will be in high demand, so make sure to mark your calendar.